Infrastructure Operations

Introduction and Summary 2021

The requirements established by the "Guidelines for face-to-face attendance in educational establishments in the province of Buenos Aires", were carried out in an integrated manner with the work of the academic and other support areas; as was the implementation of logistics for white and blue groups and beginning and ending of school activities.

The following objectives were met:


  1. Implementation of Covid protocols for students, staff and suppliers.
  2. Adaptation of spaces to current protocols.
  3. Dealings with suppliers and management of specific supplies.
  4. Installation of online monitored CO2 sensors in classrooms to identify poor ventilation conditions.
  5. Staff training.
  6. Readjustment of cleaning and sanitising processes.


  1. The dismissal process for Primary School was redefined, supported by a technological platform and with a system of cards for vehicles entering the Campus, which reduced by 50% the time students take to leave.
  2. A new budget control system was defined and implemented for the entire school using the Google Data Studio platform. This allows close and detailed monitoring of the entire budget, optimising its dynamic reallocation and allowing simulations to be carried out in real time.
  3. Definition and implementation of a system for managing physical assets, generating and monitoring work orders for corrective and preventive maintenance, and scheduling preventive maintenance work.
  4. A dining room service monitoring system was defined and implemented both for staff and students, allowing close monitoring of the actual and forecast amounts of diners and optimising associated costs.
  5. The implementation of a program for remote monitoring and automation of infrastructure equipment (lights, air conditioning equipment, generator sets, pumps, etc.) was introduced, with significant benefits in allocated human resources and energy costs.
  6. Implementation of dashboards in Google Data Studio to control the main indicators of Operations (KPIs), such as overtime working hours, analysis of the pool water, electricity consumption, monitoring of school transport, volume of traffic within the Campus, etc.).

"The dismissal process for Primary School was redefined, supported by a technological platform and with a system of cards for vehicles entering the Campus, which reduced by 50% the time students take to leave


  1. Setup of a programme for the management of recyclable and non-recyclable materials; supplier selection, definition of signage to identify types of waste, selection and purchase of new waste containers, identification of existing containers and survey of missing ones, coordination with academic areas, follow-up of monthly recycling certificates issued by GEA Sustentable.
  2. Training in waste management by Eco House for support area staff and suppliers.
  3. Follow-up of the main indicators for control of electricity, network water, natural gas and waste generation services.
  4. Implementation of a record of the volume of mains water consumed on Campus.
  5. Consideration of environmental aspects in purchases, for example the acquisition of 5 picnic benches produced by Botellas de Amor.
  6. The Orchard Project was consolidated by increasing its size and the personnel dedicated to its expansion and maintenance.

General Maintenance

  1. The consultancy stage of the Campus green areas was completed through an exhaustive survey of species, their status and quantities, allowing the second stage of improvement of green spaces in general to be undertaken.
  2. Closure and transfer to the Municipality of Vicente López of the former Middle School building. Definition of a new opening and closing procedure and the activation and deactivation of building security alarms.
  3. Planning and work execution for the total renovation of the floor of the Kindergarten building.
  4. Planning and work execution for the installation of new light towers for the soccer field together with UdeSA.
  5. Consolidation of the green parking lot of the Campus and construction of a road that connects it with the B road (behind Kindergarten and Primary buildings).
  6. Improvement of the Olivos buildings
    1. Adjustments to the administrative headquarters
    2. General improvements to Intermediate School buildings
    3. General improvements to Senior School buildings
  7. Installation of acoustic panels in Middle School classrooms.
  8. Installation of bottle filling stations in the Sports Pavilion.


  1. Installation of a repeater in the Uruguay Campus access cabin for monitoring the fire detection and voice evacuation systems in Kindergarten and Primary School. Additionally, the sending of automatic e-mails in case of news was configured.
  2. Power increase in the Kindergarten and Primary School voice evacuation system; and installation of additional evacuation speakers in Kindergarten.
  3. Reconnection and operational start-up of the fixed fire-fighting system in the Sports Pavilion; installation of a hydrant niche in support offices.
  4. Expansion of the CCTV system in Olivos with the installation of 14 new cameras, both indoors and outdoors.

Fernando Ocampo – Operations and Modernization Manager