St. Andrew's Scots School

Charmain of the
Board's Letter

Alejandro Golfari

If 2020 was challenging, then 2021 was
even more demanding.
We began 2021 back in virtuality. Starting
the year in hybrid mode was even more

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Ben Davies

Our core business is educating
young people and inspiring them to
live purposeful lives. If we consider
the various activities

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St. Andrew's Origins

St. Andrew's Scots School was established by a group of Scottish settlers to educate their children in their language, their culture and their faith. On the 1st of September 1838, thirteen years after the arrival of those settlers, a tiny school was opened in the Presbyterian Church, at Piedras 55 in the city of Buenos Aires. The first pupils were girls, but the school rapidly became co-educational. The founders sought to integrate Christian faith and practice with academic distinction. In their eyes, education was an instrument of moral training, directed to its highest purpose when it is made not merely an exercise of the mind but a training of the opinions, disposition and habits. In character undoubtedly lie the essential elements of human happiness or human misery.

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School Mission

St. Andrew's Scots School aims to graduate responsible citizens committed to serving Argentina and contributing to its equitable development through a well-balanced, bilingual education which meets high international standards and fosters a joy for learning.

Pupils are taught to inquire deeply, work responsibly and care for others, themselves and the environment. We build their character in a diverse and respectful community, expecting high standards of discipline and commitment, supporting them to reach their full potential and nurturing their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions.

The ethic and moral foundations of St. Andrew's Scots School are anchored in its Presbyterian heritage, rooted in the Sacred Scriptures.

Statement Of Values

As a community, which seeks the flourishing of all its members within and beyond the School, St. Andrew's Scots School affirms its commitment to enshrine certain ideals throughout all teaching, administrative and organisational activities.

The first of these is considerations for the needs, rights, interests and feelings of each persona; a steady disposition to treat others as we ourselves would wish to be treated.

This is enshrined in the universal precept of the 'Golden Rule', the practical habit of “loving our neighbors as ourselves”. The active expression of this attitude is characterised by such virtues as: INTEGRITY, RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY.

These virtues need to be espoused in a spirit of openness, as commitment to them calls for discovery and renewal in our life as members of the community.

Our School Song & Symbols

Our School Song

St. Andrew's you're our pride and joy Sic itur ad astra For every pupil girl or boy Hip rah rah rah rah

St. Andrew's we will live to learn To glorify your name As we go marching on We'll always guard your fame


Our uniform is based on the Lamont Ancient Tartan which is predominantly green, blue, black and white. This clan descends from the original Scots who crossed the sea from Iceland, where their original name meant “lawgiver”.

Logo and Shield

A navy blue shield with a white diagonally transversed cross surrounded by a thistle floral emblem. St. Andrew's was supposedly crucified has been the Scottish national symbol. The Thistle is the national flower of Scotland, which was first used in the 15th century as a symbol of defense.

St. Andrew's Day:
November 30th


“Sic Itur Ad Astra” - which means “Such is the way to the stars”.

La Comunidad Ampliada San Andrés (CASA) es una familia de familias, un grupo de organizaciones sin fines de lucro al servicio del país cuyo objetivo común es la formación integral de las personas. Nos unen valores compartidos que hemos logrado sostener a lo largo de los años y el compromiso por seguir contribuyendo con la sociedad argentina.

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The Thistle

The Thistle shows the school's day to day, sharing the activities and projects that were carried out during the year by the students.

Annual Report

The Annual Report was first published in 2005, and its main purpose is to inform and provide a report to all key stakeholders of the St. Andrew's community, as well as to summarize the achievements, objectives and challenges in the school agenda.