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“San Andrés fue parte de tu vida. Alumni San Andrés te acompaña toda la vida”

The Alumni Office's main objective is to maintain a fluent relationship between the School and its former pupils, and amongst the former pupils themselves. It is through various events and activities that we manage to maintain the St. Andrew,s spark lit in each one of them, offering not only professional support, but personal guidance as well.

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Joint projects with other school areas

Alumni and CASA: Unidos por la Educación campaign in aid of over 2500 families

Alumni and Arts + Secondary: Continuity of San Andrés Live

Alumni and Lifelong Learning San Andrés: Participation of former students offering educational presentations for the community.

Alumni and Fundación San Andrés Fundraising for the Scholarship Fund, jointly with the St. Andrew's Development Office

Alumni with Former Students, Students and SASS Staff

Campus & Olivos: We accompanied our former student parents on the first day of their children's classes

CAS Project - We worked with Y12 students to paint the Hogar del Niño Padre José Zannochi, in San Fernando.

Former students participated in several activities at school sharing their experiences such as the Maker Space, the Growth Week, FOP and a vocational construction experience in which former students offered their companies for internships

Building Community - We received donations of pallets together with SEIL to build an area for the community

San Andrés Live: A joint effort together with Arts and Secondary to develop the monthly programme


Alumni broadcasts Go San Andrés,
our St. Andrew's exclusive plataform for
former students.

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Events on Zoom
We invited former students to play Quarentrivia during our get-togethers!

5 years Class of '15 and '16 10 years Class of '10 and '11 20 years Class of '00 and '01 30 years Class of '90 and '91`

Alumni Virtual Tours on Zoom
Asia and Oceania, North America, Europe, Central and South America
NOA and NEA, Pampa Area, Patagonia and Cuyo

Face-to-face events:

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Y12 Welcome Back Together with Head Girl Paulina Llorens and Head Boy Agustin Goñi

Together with the Development and Communications Office

  • Founders' Day/Former Pupil Award: Coordination and presentation of the Former Pupil Award 2021 - Companies, business and ventures. Carolina Castro '95, Diego Pando '89, Alejandro Litovsky '93
  • XIV Golf Tournament: in aid of the Scholarship Fund
  • II SASS Auction: in aid of the Scholarship Fund
  • Presentation of Secondary Project to donors
  • Epic Learning Experiences for Staff

Companies, Business & Entrepreneurship

Diego Pando '89
Accountant - The Wharton School - Co-founder and vice-president of Brubank - Co-founder of Digital House - Co-founder of BitPatagonia - Co-founder of, among others. He is Director of Wiltel-Next.

Carolina Castro '96
Graduate in Political Science (UBA) - HR and CSR. Director of Industrias Guidi. Carolina is an entrepeneur and industrial leader; third generation in the Industrias Guidi family auto-parts business

Alejandro Litovsky '93
Graduate in Relaciones Internacionales (UTDT) - Master in Political Sociology (London School of Economics) - CEO Earth Security Group. Alejandro was awarded the gold medal for the highest academic achievement at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

See more on our 2021 Awardees

Alumni & Admissions

Total Former Pupil Admissions


Student Survey

The Alumni office held a survey among the 2021 graduates, to know their choices of universities and careers at graduation time.

We share the graphs of the results and attach a chart showing the careers chosen in UdeSA by class '21

Careers chosen by our students


University Chosen by our students


Careers chosen at UDESA


Social Networks


Phone: 4846-6509 / 4846-6500 (ext. 1307 / 1352)

Lila Macchiavello '75
Cecilia Resoagli '07