Information Technology

2021 can be divided into two great periods regarding planning and the start-up of computer technology services in the School.

In the first part of the year, we prepared the entire IT infrastructure so as to make it available according to different and changing scenarios that the post-pandemic situation could require. Thus, all services were accessible, given the changes and needs that arose.

The pandemic had allowed us to learn an unprecedented way of working during 2020, leading us to the application of changes and improvements to our structures to meet the new challenges created by this new situation.

The need for remote work and home office became a reality. Group meetings, which previously used to be limited by physical spaces to a number of attendees, made us improve the possibilities of access from multiple simultaneous places, with the added benefit of offering more availability for attendance.

We advanced in the re-engineering of processes to achieve greater automation and control. We evaluated and eliminated several manual processes or those that required physical presence.
We continued with the optimisation and streamlining of digital enrolment and electronic signature circuits of educational contracts for parents, as well as launching the process of digitising salary receipts and their digital signature by employees.

The coverage of the Wi-Fi network was increased at the Campus and at the Nogoy√° venues, thus making it possible to cover the technology requirements that the moving of the Intermediate School required. We implemented Wi-Fi coverage in open spaces in order to improve the use of school areas.

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions were implemented for data management in different processes. Google Tools helped us to advance management, enabling decision making and the continuity of process improvements.

Ruben Hawryluk
IT Manager