Professional Development

Regarding professional development, several members of our staff took part in the UdeSA workshop on "Training in Education for Sustainability and Global Education" and part of the Primary team participated the UdeSA virtual workshop on teacher well-being. Likewise, as part of the work to consolidate the Primary leadership and management team, the consultancy firm Bernardo Blejman & Asociados led coaching sessions with the PLT (Primary Leadership Team) and the Lead Teachers.

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Adding to this, in the Secondary sector we accompanied the interests of several teachers who were able to train in language, education in Natural Sciences, IB training and pedagogical training courses. Likewise, within the framework of the GROWTH initiative, the entire staff was invited to participate in a workshop to develop coaching and mentoring skills, led by Victoria Navarro.

As part of our strategy to bring the issue of diversity and inclusion on the agenda, several members of the management team and staff trained in “What is Diversity and Inclusion for St. Andrew's? - Respect, Responsibility and Integrity” expressly prepared for our organisation by the consulting firm Nodos.

Finally, at the end of the year and understanding that the way we closed the year would mark the spirit of what professional development in 2022 will be, the Epic Learning Experiences for the staff took place. A half-day session that offered different workshops under the watchword that they implied transversal collaboration, recorded staff concerns and were significant and enjoyable for our employees. Thus, we covered topics such as "Architecture and Sustainability", "Real Educational Challenges", "Our Scottish Legacy", "Inclusion: An Attainable Challenge", "Creative Learning in Environments of Well-being", among others.

Andrea Benvenuto - Human Resources Director