2021 was yet another challenging year for our community. We were still navigating the pandemic, and started the year with a hybrid model that included both on site and online learning experiences for our students. Families, students and members of staff had to show flexibility, and logistics and organisation had to be re-thought to adapt to protocols and procedures. We were happy to be back at our beloved Kindergarten building and valued our time together, trying to recover the development of positive social skills, collaboration, communication and group play after a year of remote learning. Groups were organised in bubbles; masks were worn to school and timetables modified. Nevertheless, weeks after the beginning of our school year, we had to go back to lockdown, having to re-adapt again to a virtual learning environment. We all put great effort in keeping in contact and planning the best possible virtual lessons to keep our students engaged and motivated while learning.

During the second semester our sites were reopened, and with great joy we put our best effort to create meaningful and deep learning experiences for our students. We dove into a competency based learning framework, working with staff to plan powerful and rich projects and units to develop creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, citizenship, character and communication. Rubrics were created for each competency in an age-appropriate progression. At the end of the year, we showcased all these innovative interdisciplinary projects in our End of the Year Exhibition; families came and children were able to share their learning journey, which created a strong sense of pride and joy in our Kindergarten community.

We relaunched K3 & K4 workshops in the afternoon with great success, had fun with yoga lessons, investigated our Campus and natural environment, played fun games and sports, programmed robots and began coding, acted out stories, became problem solvers and builders at our Makespace, and pretended to be pirates, among other fun activities.

We revised and revisited our language curriculum and trained our staff in better ways to teach and learn how to read and write, putting our focus on early literacy, author study, oral and written language. We saw children blossom and really enjoy their learning with meaningful activities to develop them as critical readers and writers, working fully to develop their comprehension and critical thinking skills.

We dedicated time to our social emotional wellbeing and development, launching our Emotions' Explorers workshops to develop character competency, emotional awareness, conflict resolution skills, empathy and self-control and regulation.

"We saw children blossom
and really enjoy their
learning with meaningful
activities to develop them as
critical readers and writers"

We continue to put great effort into becoming a more sustainable community. We consolidated our waste sorting with the correct use of bins, worked with a project-based learning approach with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the flora and fauna of our Campus. We also built a butterfly garden, investigating which plants attract butterflies and planted them; a project that continues all throughout 2022.

Going through such a challenging and unpredictable school year was only possible thanks to the professionalism, passion and love of our staff, with the support of families and resilience and strength of our little heroes, our students. It was not easy but we surely became stronger as a community and value what a blessing it is to be all together at school.

We hope that through The Thistle you can get a glimpse of all the wonderful activities that take place at our Kindergartens, days filled with play, laughter, learning and growth.

Kindergarten Leadership Team

Vicky Ayam - Kindergarten Head
Alejandra di Tada - Kindergarten Deputy Head
Verónica Müller - Kindergarten Deputy Head