Financial Aid

St. Andrew's financial assistance policies are supported on several programmes, managed and administered by Fundación San Andrés (FSA). The main objective is to provide families with the required financial assistance and/or scholarships, with a specific aim towards retention and attraction of students at St. Andrew's Scots School. In order to achieve this objective, Fundación San Andrés administers several programmes that are funded internally, through school assistance, as a percentage of revenues and, externally, with generous donations from third parties.

"Fundación San Andrés
administers several programmes
that are funded internally,
through school assistance, as a
percentage of revenues and,
externally, with generous
donations from third parties".

There are three financial aid instruments currently managed by FSA: Special Scholarships, Emergency Loans and Davidson Scholarship. For these three cases, assistance can be granted in the form of partial or full payment of school fees by FSA on behalf of the beneficiary. In addition, FSA manages and administrates the Scholarship Endowment Fund (SEF) and the Maggie Salinas Fund (MSF). With the exception of the Davidson scholarships, all aid awarded by FSA is “need-based”.

Special scholarships are for families with an enduring inability to pay full SASS fees. Emergency loans are for alleviating situations of temporary financial hardship and therefore, are limited in time. The Davidson Scholarship is aimed to assist families suffering from the untimely death or permanent disability of the person responsible for paying the school fees. The Scholarship Endowment Fund (SEF) was created in 2004 as an especially dedicated trust, with the exclusive purpose of providing scholarships for students who wish to study at St. Andrew's. As explained below, SEF has grown thanks to the generous support of donations from trustees, alumni, staff, parents and other members of the St. Andrew's community.

The Maggie Salinas Fund (MSF), originated in 2005, is a special scholarship fund dedicated exclusively to St. Andrew's teachers' children. The fund bears the name of Maggie Salinas in honour to her thirty-five years of service to St. Andrew's. The school allocates a percentage of its income to the Maggie Salinas Fund on an annual basis, alongside with donations from members of the St. Andrew's community. In addition to the family's financial need, the criterion used for the allocation of aid includes student's school performance and the family or staff identification with the institution's values and ethos.

Financial aid policies and admission policies reflect the same values and have the same objectives. FSA is a separate legal entity; its Board meets on a monthly basis and the members are appointed by ACCESA's Board.

Derek Mc Ivor and Pingo Logan Scholarship Fund: in 2007, the Class of 1959 instituted a Scholarship Fund in memory of Derek Mc Ivor, who was a History teacher and Assistant Headmaster from 1954 to 1960, when he returned to Scotland. This initiative was based on the highly significant influence that Mr. Derek Mc Ivor had on the education and general character building of his students, both inside and outside the classroom. In 2017, when their classmate Pingo Logan passed away, they decided to honour him by naming it: Derek Mc Ivor & Pingo Logan Scholarship Fund. The assistance of a group of graduates - also known as the 59ers - is a significant contribution to the granting of scholarships to families of alumni and their descendants who may become financially needy while their children are in the last years of Secondary School. Since 2010, scholarships for six families and seven children were granted. We invite all the alumni classes who wish to contribute to this fund or imitate this example through their own classes to contact the Alumni Office at

A summary report on the status of these different financial aid programmes during 2021 follows.


During 2021, $ 7.005.554.- were granted to SASS families, mainly to those going through temporary financial difficulties and unable to meet school fees payment. This action involved emergency loans, with no interest charges, to 15 families or 23 student.


During 2021, FSA supported 21 families or 41 students with permanent or temporary structural economic difficulties, for a total of $ 14.481.896.-


Throughout 2021, FSA continued to assist 15 families or 19 students that suffered the loss or the permanent disability of parents or responsible adults in charge of the payment of the school fees. The amount totalled $ 15.183.502.-


SEF scholarship awards for the 2021 academic year were granted to 4 families or 7 students. The amount totalled $2.580.349.-


During 2021, $ 22.649.731.- were granted to 33 SASS staff families or 54 students.


Former pupil scholarship for the 2021 were granted to 34 families or 54 students. The amount totalled $ 9.604.986.-

In total, when taking into account the above-mentioned financial aid programmes, in 2021 a total of $ 71.506.018.- (SASS and third-party funding) was allocated to financial assistance, benefitting 128 families with 198 students.

María Elena Di Pasquo
Controller ACEESA