Development and Communications

The Development and Communications Office, together with Alumni, accompanied the different school initiatives by providing support to the academic areas and fostering the relationship with our different stakeholders.

"The Development and Communications Office, together with Alumni, accompanied the different school initiatives by providing support to the academic areas and fostering the relationship with our different stakeholders".

Some important events that bring our whole community together could not be held, such as Family Day; but thanks to the flexibility of some of the measures it was possible to celebrate our Founders' Day on the same day as the traditional Church Service, with a limited participation of authorities, staff, and students in full compliance with the protocols. The whole celebration was broadcasted live, highlighting diverse artistic performances of our students in the Choir & Band, and the presentation of the Former Pupil Award. In addition, members of the CASA institutions, Comunidad Ampliada San Andrés, held a conversation about the reach of their mission, under the guidance of our Head Boy and Head Girl, who acted as masters of ceremony during the event.

The Communications area worked together with the academic and support sectors to improve the dialogue with our community through the use of the Handing platform, the organisation of informative meetings with families and staff, as well as the strengthening of the APESA and Room Parent's relationship.

Two Family Surveys were carried out, the first during the remote teaching scenario and the second after the return of Face-to-Face classes (Vuelta a la Presencialidad: VaP). Videos on care and protocols were made for the return of these classes, along with a new Admissions video to encourage the attraction of new families. We accompanied the Sustainability Committee in the dissemination of institutional initiatives for the care of the environment, and we worked with the Human Resources area in the launching of the Resguarda platform, a tool whose purpose is to strengthen the organisational culture, encouraging respect among peers, teamwork and care for the work environment.

Our annual publications The Thistle and Annual Report were published, and our social networks and website were kept up to date with the collaboration of the different school sectors.

Events were carried out in the Fund Development area, aimed at strengthening the Scholarship Fund through the management of individual donations and the organisation of the Golf Tournament held at the Highland Park Country Club, as well as a solidarity auction for this same purpose. Constant communication was maintained with the donor families and Lenders of the Préstamo San Andrés, who were invited in November to a presentation with members of the Board of Directors and the architects of the Lake Flato studio (USA), to learn about the next steps in the school project.

The Alumni Office coordinated annual meetings with the different Alumni classes and their class representatives. Several of our former students were invited to participate in various school activities and initiatives with the aim of continuing their relationship with our institution and, at the same time, enriching our students with their experience and knowledge. The GO San Andrés platform was launched, an innovative tool that seeks to strengthen the school's Alumni network for the benefit of the entire community, thus maintaining closer ties between all classes.

The Alumni Office had special participation in the coordination and management of donations for the United for Education Solidarity Campaign led by RedSA and the San Andrés Community Development Foundation (FDCSA). See Alumni Report Alumni Report next.

Within the framework of Lifelong Learning San Andrés (LLSA), whose objective is to offer a continuous learning platform in six programme areas (Education & General Knowledge, Community & Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace & Entrepreneurship, Arts & Music, Recreation & Wellbeing) 16 talks, courses and workshops were held led by various speakers, some of them former students, other members of our staff and of the Comunidad Ampliada San Andrés. 505 people participated, among them SASS staff, former staff, families of the community, former students, members of the San Andrés Presbyterian Church and others.


Social Networks

We especially thank all staff, alumni, families, donors and volunteers who accompanied us during this year, and helped us to continue to strengthen our San Andrés community.

Eliana Mocorrea - Development and Communications Director
Lila Macchiavello - Alumni
Brenda Leniek - Communications
Cecilia Resoagli - Community Development/LLSA