Charmain of the
Board's Letter

Alejandro Golfari

If 2020 was challenging, then 2021 was even more demanding.

We began 2021 back in virtuality. Starting the year in hybrid mode was even more difficult than in 2020, as we had all had enough of being enclosed and of hybrid teaching and learning.

Fortunately, on August 2nd we were able to reconvene at school, to the great joy of staff and students. We participated actively in the “new normal”, with face masks and important COVID related protocols to keep both students and staff safe.

Students recovered their social, academic, drama and sports activities, which they thoroughly embraced. Y12 students managed to sit for their IB exams, obtaining very good grades in general.

Reaching the end of the year we had a reorganisation as Mr. Sebastián Rubens y Rojo left his position of Headmaster and Mr. Ben Davies, acting Head of Secondary, assumed the position of Headmaster of the School.

Mr. Davies continued enriching our academic competency-based school orientation and introduced new initiatives which were very well received by our staff. Without doubt this process was only possible thanks to our strong and very committed staff, which rose to the circumstances, and to the immense support of the full breadth of our community.

As part of CASA (Comunidad Ampliada San Andrés), RedSA and San Fernando en Red, we continued working on increasing collaboration and the social impact with the San Fernando authorities. The pandemic gave us the opportunity to work close together in aiding municipal organisations.

CIAESA (Centro de Investigación Aplicada San Andrés) published a series of short documents regarding best practices in education: Llaves de la Educación; Preguntas Educativas: ¿Qué Sabemos de la Educación?; El sistema educativo argentino: La gobernabilidad pedagógica. (

We are actively working in the completion of the Campus Project, starting with the design of the Secondary building. Parents, students, staff, and trustees have been invited to participate in the process so we can have a clear view of the stakeholders' expectations and needs.

We know 2021 has been a very challenging and special year for the school; despite this we have managed to overcome the difficulties thanks to the commitment, leadership, and hard work of all the community.

Alejandro Golfari
Chairman of the Board
Asociación Civil Educativa Escocesa San Andrés (ACEESA)